Nearly 100 suicides a day in Japan

24 February, 2008

Drunk salaryman

The Guardian reports on Japan’s increasing suicide rate:

Japan’s grim reputation as one of the world’s suicide nations has been confirmed by statistics that show more than 30,000 people a year have taken their own lives since figures first began to rise in 1998. In 2006, there were 32,115 suicides – 25 per 100,000 people; nearly 100 people a day; one every 15 minutes. The most common hour of death is 5am for men and noon for women, after their families have left for work or school.

Read the full article: “One Japanese suicide every 15 minutes“.


2 Responses to “Nearly 100 suicides a day in Japan”

  1. wanderer7 Says:

    hey, it’s a big population right? oever 200 million I think.

    worth comparing it to car crash deaths. How many die on the roads each day?

    and of course there are masked suicides – ones that look like accidents but are really intentional in nature.

    death is understated in our society; hence our fear of it

  2. corre! Says:

    That’s very sad, but so true…!
    It’s strange that each time a train is delayed and it says “passenger accident” we all can’t help but think someone suicided AGAIN.
    I wonder if they are taking any measures to prevent that? I heard the last thing they did, was to charge families of a person who suicided on the rail tracks for the costs incurred….

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