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PSP outsells DS in Japan

29 February, 2008

Sony’s PSP outsold the Nintendo DS last week, according to Media Create’s latest sales figures.

The Wii took top spot, with the PS3 trailing in fourth place. The Xbox 360 continues its dismal run of form with a mere 2,001 units sold.

Media Create Sales 18-24 Feb 2007:

    1. Wii: 63,504
    2. PSP: 53,373
    3. DS Lite: 50,151
    4. PS3: 14,060
    5. PS2: 9,634
    6. Xbox 360: 2,001

    For weekly sales reports, visit Media Create’s ranking page (Japanese only).


      China becomes Japan’s biggest trading partner

      29 February, 2008

      Smogging it up

      China now accounts for 17.7 per cent of Japan’s total trade, overtaking the United States to become its biggest trading partner.

      Exports to China rose to US$109.1 billion in 2007, boosted by strong demand for cars and electronics. Meanwhile, imports from China amounted to US$127.6 billion, leaving the overall trade deficit at US$18.6 billion – a reduction of 27.9 per cent on 2006’s trade deficit figures.

      Full story from the IHT: “China overtook US as Japan’s largest trading partner in 2007

      Nearly 100 suicides a day in Japan

      24 February, 2008

      Drunk salaryman

      The Guardian reports on Japan’s increasing suicide rate:

      Japan’s grim reputation as one of the world’s suicide nations has been confirmed by statistics that show more than 30,000 people a year have taken their own lives since figures first began to rise in 1998. In 2006, there were 32,115 suicides – 25 per 100,000 people; nearly 100 people a day; one every 15 minutes. The most common hour of death is 5am for men and noon for women, after their families have left for work or school.

      Read the full article: “One Japanese suicide every 15 minutes“.