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PSP outsells DS in Japan

29 February, 2008

Sony’s PSP outsold the Nintendo DS last week, according to Media Create’s latest sales figures.

The Wii took top spot, with the PS3 trailing in fourth place. The Xbox 360 continues its dismal run of form with a mere 2,001 units sold.

Media Create Sales 18-24 Feb 2007:

    1. Wii: 63,504
    2. PSP: 53,373
    3. DS Lite: 50,151
    4. PS3: 14,060
    5. PS2: 9,634
    6. Xbox 360: 2,001

    For weekly sales reports, visit Media Create’s ranking page (Japanese only).


      Wood – it’s the future

      26 January, 2008

      Wooden car

      Japan intends to use wood biomass to produce fuels and other products currently made from petrol.

      The Ministry of Agriculture will provide 1.2 billion yen in the next financial year on projects that will improve the efficiency of cellulosic plants, which use enzymes to break down waste wood into ethanol.

      Futuristic farmers

      12 January, 2008

      From the Mainichi Daily News:

      Strap-on robot suit takes the pain out of backbreaking farm work

      A robot suit designed to take the backbreaking factor out of farm work by assisting the movements of users has been unveiled here.

      The “farming robot suit,” developed by a team of researchers led by Shigeki Toyama, a professor in the graduate school of the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, has been tested on farms. Researchers hope to have the technology in use in 2 years and develop it into a product and begin selling it in four years.

      Read the full story here.

      DoCoMo intensify mobile phone battle

      27 November, 2007

      DoCoMo, Japan’s largest mobile phone service provider, introduced its latest line of mobile phone handsets today, further increasing pressure on main rivals KDDI au and Softbank in one of the world’s most competitive telecommunications markets.

      FOMA P905iTV

      The FOMA 905i range can be used in 154 countries, and boasts voice activated translation, GPS mapping and route-finding, “One-Seg” digital TV support and full-screen web browsing at speeds of up to 3.6Mbps.

      DoCoMo has seen its market share drop as a result of successful promotion campaigns from rivals, especially Softbank, who recently announced a 22 percent rise in sales for the first-half of the financial year.

      In addition to the introduction of a new range of phones, DoCoMo is also now offering the option of paying for their handsets in instalment payments, substantially reducing the cost of monthly service rates.