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Japan looks to developing countries for whaling support

4 March, 2008

Whale of a time

With most of the developed world clearly set against Japan’s continuing whaling escapades, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs flew delegates from twelve developing countries to Tokyo on Monday for a seminar in the hope that they may join the International Whaling Commission (IWC) and increase support for the resumption of “sustainable” whaling.

Unsurprisingly, Greenpeace was not in the least bit pleased:

“[This meeting] is a clear signal that Japan’s only concern is to roll back decades of protection for whales and resume commercial whaling.”
-Rob Nicoll, whales campaigner for Greenpeace Australia and the Pacific

Full story from BBC News Online: “Japan seeks new allies on whaling


Wood – it’s the future

26 January, 2008

Wooden car

Japan intends to use wood biomass to produce fuels and other products currently made from petrol.

The Ministry of Agriculture will provide 1.2 billion yen in the next financial year on projects that will improve the efficiency of cellulosic plants, which use enzymes to break down waste wood into ethanol.

Futuristic farmers

12 January, 2008

From the Mainichi Daily News:

Strap-on robot suit takes the pain out of backbreaking farm work

A robot suit designed to take the backbreaking factor out of farm work by assisting the movements of users has been unveiled here.

The “farming robot suit,” developed by a team of researchers led by Shigeki Toyama, a professor in the graduate school of the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, has been tested on farms. Researchers hope to have the technology in use in 2 years and develop it into a product and begin selling it in four years.

Read the full story here.